We acknowledge that all people are the creators of society & culture on Earth.

Often, it's easy to get sucked into the idea that institutions determine who & what we are. However, we have more power than we give ourselves credit for and we need to play a bigger part in determining our world. is committed to supporting global self-empowerment. Although we are still a small company, we want to help entrepreneurs around the world start their own businesses too. Giving hard-working people an opportunity to become self-employed empowers them to become financially independent, sustainably successful, and builds stronger more resilient communities.

Every purchase you make with us will go towards sharing capital with entrepreneurs in developing countries throughout the world. We've chosen to be involved in Microfinance projects to help people around the world with the funding they need to kickstart their own businesses. With your support, we contribute to fair interest-free loans for new business ventures in agriculture, education, health, construction, services, transportation, food, clothing, art, and retail.

Loosen' the puppeteers' strings.


From October to April 2017 we helped José from Peru.

Meet José, a hard-working young man at the golden age of 52. Ever since a wee lad, his padres taught him the craft of organic coffee cultivation. Now, he's starting to grow his own. Organic farming is tough work, and José needed a leg up to purchase extra manure to get his coffee crop going. So, we decided on helping José get his coffee growing faster.

Unless you've been lucky and inherited land or have the wealth needed to buy it, people in Josés community typically farm for somebody else. From San Ignacio, Peru, he has been developing 3 hectares of his own to grow and sell Peruvian beans. Each year, he sells the fruits of his labour to an organic and fair trade coffee cooperative called Cenfrocafe. Soon, he can produce more.

From july to september 2016 we helped gloria from the philippines

Gloria is a mother of 3 from the island of Bohol in the gorgeous country of the Philippines. She owns and operates a rice mill in her local community. Her ultimate goal is to increase local production of rice and raise the living standards of her local community. She helps farmers upgrade their harvest into a product which can be sold to the global marketplace. Food is something we all need, and if we can help farmers make more money from their backbreaking physical work, thus improving their livelihood, I'd say we've helped the world loosen up a bit.

We chose to help fund Gloria with some capital to expand her enterprise through the Community Economic Ventures in partnership with VisionFund International.