Loosest in Istanbul, Turkey, supporting a local street artist.

Loosest in Istanbul, Turkey, supporting a local street artist.

Hard-working people around the world need a kickstart to become self-employed. We can help.

When we began building our brand, from the start we decided we couldn't forget about how we can help others become more loose as well.

Our goal is to bring original art back into the clothing we wear around the world. As fresh entrepreneurs, it was immediately evident that we had to do our part for others who want to do the same thing. As a new business we should be helping others start their own businesses too.

We've all worked menial jobs before. Remember washing dishes and putting your hands into the sink as you opened up the drain for more gunk to cling to? I also recall having to stand for hours at the cash register, during peak store hours, feeling like a robot as I'm being watched by security through their big brother camera system upstairs. Didn't feel so empowering.

Regardless of how conflicted we can be in those moments, being an employee for other people is a necessary step in growing up in the world we live in. It helps develop what we want in our lives and where we want to be. But eventually, we feel the urge to become owners of the fruits of our own labor and be the boss. Especially if working a menial job for you means getting paid only a few dollars a day.

As a new business, we should be helping others with the same passion yet less opportunities start their own businesses too.

For some of us in the world, being born into a wealthy community or financial situation and having all the basic necessities laid out in front of us just happens. If we want to start our own businesses, no doubt it is hard work, but financially it is possible for us to find the resources or make the connections necessary to spark the capital to get our ideas going. 

However, in other parts of the world, the story can be much different.

There are people in developing countries who want to own their labour and become entrepreneurs. They see the situation they are in, want to improve their own life and the lives of others in their own community, and see a business model that would thrive for everyone. They know what is needed in their community and they want to deliver to their neighbours. Sadly, for some people, they lack trust from banking institutions and collateral to pay back a loan required to begin building their business. Therefore, they can't go to anyone with funding locally who can give them an honest chance to become entrepreneurs. Despite this, there is an answer we are personally interested in exploring, called Microfinance.

Microfinance is a source of financial services for entrepreneurs and small businesses lacking access to banking and related services. In developed countries, access to banking and loans is a much easier process. In developing countries there are people who want to start their own businesses but lack the capital to begin.

As fresh entrepreneurs, we are taking an active part in funding the capital necessary for people in developing countries to become self-employed.

Gloria, from Bohol in the Philippines, standing next to her rice mill.

Gloria, from Bohol in the Philippines, standing next to her rice mill.

Each month we are working with microfinance institutions around the world to be a part of the answer. For this month, we chose to help Gloria from the Philippines. She is the owner of a business on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. She owns a rice mill which helps farmers in her local community upgrade their harvest into a product which can be sold to the global marketplace. Food is something we all need, and if we can help farmers make more money from their harvest and backbreaking physical work, thus improving their livelihood, I'd say we've helped the world loosen up a bit.

Thanks to Gloria for helping her community. Honestly, she's doing the work of an honest entrepreneur who wants to be her own boss yet also fulfil a need in her community. Good on ya Gloria :)

Feel free to check out our page in a few weeks when we choose the next entrepreneur that we can financially support. In time, we hope to expand our ability to kickstart new businesses around the world. Step by step we'll get there, so long as we maintain true to understanding what it means to help give others the chance to become self-employed.


Loosen the puppeteer's strings. We can get behind this.