Thanks to YOU, our Loosest supporters around the globe, we're proud to share that we, as a community, have been able to help another entrepreneur in the world.

When you look that good at 52, you've got to be doing something right.

When you look that good at 52, you've got to be doing something right.

Meet José, a hard-working young man at the golden age of 52. Ever since a wee lad, his padres taught him the craft of organic coffee cultivation.

Now, he's starting to grow his own.

Unless you've been lucky and inherited land or have the wealth needed to buy it, people in Josés community typically farm for somebody else. From San Ignacio, Peru, he has been developing 3 hectares of his own to grow and sell Peruvian beans. Each year, he sells the fruits of his labour to an organic and fair trade coffee cooperative called Cenfrocafe


Organic farming is tough work, and José needed a leg up to purchase extra manure to get his coffee crop going.

Seeing as here in the office we need our daily coffee break to take care of our own business (and probably your office too), we've handed over some much needed cash to José to help him do what he does best. 

José, thanks to your dignifying ambition, you bring more organic coffee to us all. For coffee drinkers all over the world, our own goals and dreams start with the work you put in.

People like José keep the world moving. And we all need an extending hand once in a while. We think it's about time somebody extended an extra appreciation to people like José, putting in the sweat to earn a living for his family and take care of the rest of us.

If you want to try some of José and Cenfrocafe's organic, fair trade beans, we strongly recommend Groundwork coffee.

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