Meet our Loosest Artist of the Month, Tam Hill.

Loosest is all about showcasing your art, and we figured what better way to promote it than to put it on clothes being sold around the world.

Of all submissions for the December AOTM campaign, we selected Kiwi artist, Tam Hill to represent #looseststyle

Tam is currently soaking up the arts culture in Taranaki after recently completing a Masters of Teaching and Learning in Waikato. With experience producing audio books in Auckland, Tam’s skills have hit the page where he now designs and illustrates print books and infographics as a digital artist in his spare time.  

The Loosest fam had a few questions for Tam. 

So how long you been drawing? What inspired you to start?

"The pages of my school exercise books were always lined with random sketches and doodles, and I used to digitally edit my friends into movie scenes when I was in my early teens (15ish years ago). Eventually, I transferred my skills with image editing software over to Photoshop when it became more accessible and widely popular. At 19 I bought myself a Wacom tablet so that I didn’t have to keep scanning my sketches into the computer. I could now do limitless art without having to worry about wasting paint or paper, and that’s how I got into digital illustration."

Loosest Child design by Tam Hill

Loosest Child design by Tam Hill

We're definitely fans of the Wacom bro. Great way to get into digital drawing. 

What's Tam's ideal environment for making art? 

"Whilst probably not ideal for most, I enjoy working on art in bed or on the couch. Organising my pillows to be just right is far more comfortable than leaning over a drawing desk."

And What made you want to submit your designs to 

"I had liked the page on Facebook after seeing some wicked geometric style designs. When “Calling all artists” popped up on my news feed I thought I could design something appropriate to match the loosest style."

Tam, we're lucky you answered the call. Your design was instantly liked by the Loosest Crew, and it's obvious you're a digital design legend.

Now, there's something that's been bugging me for a while that maybe you could put to rest. How would society be different if people had tails?

"Asking the important questions. If people had tails, they would probably be naked tails and without fur - that’s just nasty. But, with animal tails we’d have some pretty amazing sports to play and watch. Think of kangaroos using their tail as a third leg when they jump kick, cheetahs using their tail as a counterweight when maneuvering at speed, or of course the tree sports we could invent if we had spider monkey tails..."

Wicked. what's next for you?

"Who can say? I'd like to embark on a project that uses my skills in research, writing, visual text, audio and digital content production, so shout out to any New Zealand employer."

Tam, thanks for being the Loosest Artist of the Month. 

If you'd like to check out where Tam is at, feel free to follow his website by clicking here.

Click the image above to check out Tam's art being sold on clothing for Women!

Click the image above to check out Tam's art being sold on clothing for Women!

We've also got Tam's art on Men's Tees. Hit 'em up!

We've also got Tam's art on Men's Tees. Hit 'em up!

If you'd like to see your art featured on Loosest products and get a cut of the profits, check out our Artist of the Month campaign or flick us an e-mail.


Stay Loose.